Top 28 best WordPress SEO plugins 2024 |To Get More Traffic

As a WordPress user, you are going to love this list of the Best WordPress Plugins.

Most WordPress users love the CMS thanks to the immense plugins ecosystem.

But, with so many plugins available, which ones are the most effective to rank higher?

In the end, what every blogger and every webmaster wants is more traffic.

Note: with these plugins, you will not have a first-page ranking immediately and automatically just by activating them.

You need to combine them with the best SEO techniques, including Mobile SEO, Voice Search SEO and first of all build strong SEO Foundations.

Are you ready to skyrocket your traffic with the best WordPress Plugins List?


1 Yoast SEO

If Yoast SEO is the most popular SEO plugin there’s a reason.

Over 5+ million downloads can’t be wrong.

Here’s what you can do with Yoast:

  • Create a Sitemap: in “Features” you can create a sitemap automatically and inform Google and Bing of its existence
  • Monitoring if you are using your focused keywords too many times or too few
  • With a Snippet, you can view how your content will result in the SERP
  • Social Integration: Yoast SEO has OpenGraph Implementation for your Social
  • Breadcrumbs: in the breadcrumbs section you build a website simple for users and spiders.
  • Edit Robots.txt
  • Monitor if your images are optimized with Alt text

Here’s the best:

With Yoast SEO it’s very easy to see what you are doing wrong and what you’re doing right based on the colors of the SEO indicators.

2 RankMath SEO

This SEO plugin is simply amazing.

Here’s why:

RankMath SEO allows you to do so many things in a great way with just one plugin.

Here are the main things you can do with RankMath SEO:

  • Manage 404 errors
  • Create 301 redirections
  • Have you Google Search Console reports in your RankMath Dashboard
  • Create your Robots.txt file
  • Create your XML Sitemap
  • Edit and create your breadcrumbs
  • Create Rich Snippets for your posts and pages
  • Create your Facebook and Twitter post preview

3 All in SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is one of the best alternatives to Yoast.

With more than 3 million active installations it is the second most popular SEO plugin for WordPress.

Here the best of All in One SEO:

  • It helps you Create your XML Sitemap and submit it to Google and Bing
  • Have Automatic optimization of titles
  • Helps you avoid duplicate content, bad for the search engines
  • Edit Robots.txt file
  • Automatically notify Google and Bing when you make changes

4 SEO Squirrly

You’ve always heard about the importance of creating amazing content.

But, how to?

Here’s what to do:

Install SEO Squirrly plugin.

It’s one of the best free WordPress Plugins and it’s compatible with most themes and plugins.

This plugin will help you create human and SEO friendly content.

By creating more engaging content you’ll be able to:

  • boost your dwell time, the time your users stay on your site
  • and decrease your bounce rate.

So, you’ll have more chances to rank higher on the search engines.

As one of the best WordPress SEO Plugins, with SEO Squirrly you can:

  • find topics and keywords of interest for your customers
  • find copyright free images for your content
  • Create XML Sitemaps for Google and Bing
  • See how your content will look on Google thanks to JSON-LD structure and Squirrly Snippet
  • Receive email alerts when there are actions that require speedy attention on your website
  • Track every aspect of your content marketing strategy.

5 Google XML Sitemaps

Haven’t you created yet a Sitemap XML?

Google XML Sitemaps is a plugin that generates XML Sitemaps automatically.

But there’s more:

It helps Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other major search engines easily index your site.

It notifies the search engines every time you publish a post.

All the default options are good if you don’t know how to operate.

Once created your XML Sitemap you’re ready to submit to Google and Bing.

6 SEO Image Optimizer

It’s important to optimize your images with the ALT text attribute to let search engine spiders understand what your images are about.

SEO Image Optimizer is the answer.

Here’s the best:

Only by optimizing your images you can really increase your traffic.

In fact, when you optimize your images, you’ll help the search engine better understand your content and then have more chances to rank for image searches.

  • Here are the main points:
  • You can add SEO friendly ALT attributes to your images.
  • You can compress the image size to boos your loading speed.
  • You can optimize your images titles.


7 Google Analytics by Monsterinsights

Tracking your website performance is vital to understand what’s working and what to improve.

How beautiful would it be to have your main Google Analytics reports in your WordPress dashboard?

Google Analytics by Monsterinsights is the best tool to do this.

With approximately 11 million downloads, it is by far the most popular WordPress analytics plugin.

And the best has yet to come!

With the free version You can:

  • Monitor your sessions and page views
  • Understand which device your users prefer
  • Access to the demographics reports
  • Look at your top referrals
  • Track how much traffic each of your posts is bringing to you

With the pro version, you can also enable e-commerce and Woocommerce reports.


8 All in One Schema Markup Rich Snippet

Do you want to stand out on the SERP?

Then use the All in One Schema Markup Rich Snippet plugin.

This plugin helps you tell the search engines what your posts and pages are about in a way they can understand it.

Here’s the best about Rich Results:

  • Rich snippets are user-friendly, with photos, star rating, price, restaurants, people, organizations and more.
  • They help you stand out from the crowd and get more traffic.
  • They help you increase your CTR.

When you publish a post you’ll have a screen like this:

Then, you need to choose one of the Supported Content Types between:

  • Event
  • Review
  • People
  • Recipe
  • Product
  • Video
  • Articles
  • Software Application

Now you can start appearing in the SERP with Rich Snippets and get more traffic.


9 Broken Link Checker

Broken links can really kill your SEO.

Of course, you want to fix them.

With Broken Link Checker everything’s easier.

Here’s how to fix broken links:

  • Once installed the plugin, you’ll have the “Broken Link” option in the “Tools” section.
  • You can find any broken link on your website or blog.
  • In case it finds any 404 status code, a dead end for search engines spiders, you can remove them with the “Unlink” button or fix them through the “Edit URL” feature.


10 Login LockDown

You definitely want to protect your site from unwanted login attempts.

Here’s the solution:

Login LockDown Plugin records the IP address and timestamp of every failed login attempt.

Thanks to Login LockDown you can prevent brute force password discovery.

By default, an IP will be blocked from attempts for 1 hour after 3 login attempts within 5 minutes, but you can modify the settings in the options panel.

11 All in One WP Security and Firewall

Security is one of my main targets, together with SEO of course.

WordPress is a safe platform, but the more steps you implement for security the better.

All in One Wp Security and Firewall Plugin gives that extra security that lets you work without worrying too much.

Once installed you have a Security Strenght Meter which is pretty much like the one below:

In practice, the more options you select the higher your security score is.

Just remind that some points are technical and it is better to read carefully before implementing them.

12 All in One WP Migration

Do you want to migrate your website to a new server or to a new domain?

Good news:

Thanks to All in One WP Migration you don’t have to copy and paste manually all the stuff.

You’ll save time and efforts, as well as some coffee while doing the process.

Once installed you’ll have the “All in One WP Migration” option in the left column of your dashboard.

There you can export your entire website, including the database, media files, plugins and themes with no technical skills required.

Then you can switch tab to your new domain name or server and start importing your website.

That’s all!

Here’s the best:

  • All in One WP Migration exports/imports data in 3 seconds time chunks, keeping the chunks to under 2MB in size.
  • That allows you to bypass upload restrictions as most providers set the maximum upload size to 2MB for any chunk.

13 Really Simple SSL

If you go to a website from Google Chrome and in the URL bar it tells you that the website is not safe, you probably don’t want to visit it.

It’s like it tells you: “Don’t go to that website! These guys will try to steal your data!”

Well, that keeps people away from your site.

How to fix it?

It’s really simple:

Just install Really Simple SSL plugin and it does almost everything for you.

Why almost everything and not everything?

You need to have an SSL certificate.

Once installed this plugin you are asked to enable the SSL and you’ll migrate your site to HTTPS.

Believe me:

That makes a huge difference.

In fact, Websites with HTTPS rank higher in Google than those without.

How can Security Plugins influence Ranking?

  • A secure website has more chances to be visited as it gives a good and safe user experience.
  • You also need to consider that more and more infected websites are detected by the search engines.
  • If you have a lot of comment spam under your posts, Google will hand out a ranking penalty.
  • HTTPS is boosted by Google for higher ranking.


Speed is a key ranking factor for Google.

First of all after the Mobile First-indexing update.

Today, People have less time and want to enjoy content while on the go.

This is easier thanks to mobile devices.

Mobile traffic has literally surpassed the desktop as from this study by Stone Temple.

Can you imagine how bad would it be to load a slow website?

If you use the right WordPress Plugins you’ll definitely improve your site loading speed.

Use the Page Speed Test by Google Developers to find your score and get insights to improve your speed.

You’ll get a score with insights for the mobile and the desktop loading speed.

In the alternative, you can use GTmetrix.

14 Better Delete Revisions

When speed is the target, anything that slows down your website should be removed.

Keeping all of your posts revisions on your site definitely slows it down.

With 60,000 + downloads, Better Delete Revisions is one of the most effective WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Speed.

It deletes redundant revisions of posts and also the content related to each revision such as meta information, tags and more.

Once installed you will have a new option under the Settings tab.

Just go to Settings and then click on “Better Delete Revisions”.

Then you are brought to the Better Delete Revision Manager dashboard.

Here you can click on “Check Revision Posts”, then see if you have revisions to delete and proceed.

This will help increase your loading speed.

Here comes the best:

Your current posts versions are always safe as you can cancel only the old revisions.

15 WPSmush

Here’s the trick:

Images take space and decrease the loading time.

Now, thanks to WPSmush you can resize the images of your website by setting a maximum width and height to scale down large images.

Once installed, in the dashboard column you will find a new option called “Smush”.

You will automatically see how many attachments need smushing to speed your site.

Then click on “Bulk Smushing”.

Here are the main features of WPSmush:

  • By compressing the images, you definitely increase your loading speed, especially on mobile devices.
  • It is compatible with all media library plugins.
  • You can automatically smush all your images once you upload them.

16 Autoptimize

Have you ever tried the Google Page Speed test?

Often, under the mobile score you have a suggestion like this:

Eliminate render-blocking Javascript and CSS in the above-the-fold content”.

Now, Autoptimize is of the most popular WordPress plugins to fix that issue.

The official description says it all:

“It can aggregate, minify and cache scripts and styles, injects CSS in the page head by default (but can also defer), moves and defers scripts to the footer and minifies HTML”.

Once installed you will have a dashboard like this:

Let’s recap briefly what you can do with Autoptimize:

  • Aggregate files: aggregating several files into a unique one makes it faster to download it.
  • Minification: it’s the process of removing unnecessary elements from source code, like whitespace and line breaks, that slows down loading time.
  • Caching of files: Caching HTML files, script and CSS files reduces server loading time and increases loading speed.
  • Defer scripts to the footer: this allows the users to see the rendered page while some scripts are still loading in the background.

17 AMP by Automattic

You absolutely want a fast loading website on mobile.

Making your website fast on mobile devices can really boost your traffic and increase your ranking.

AMP pages can help you do that.

Now, you might be wondering:

What are the AMP pages?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages.

It is an open source technology supported by companies like Google, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter.

The goal of the project is to make web content load near instantaneously for mobile devices.

Here’s why:

AMP uses a limited set of HTML and Javascript.

This makes the loading process much faster.

AMP by Automattic can really help you with that.

Automattic is the company behind WordPress.

Once installed the plugin you’ll have a new “AMP” option in the Dashboard Column.

Here’s the best:

You don’t have to set AMP for all your website.

It’s often enough to set it for your blog posts or articles and for some of your pages.

18 W3 Total Cache

Reducing loading time makes your website more user-friendly.

Your traffic will increase and your ranking as well.

W3 Total Cache helps reducing loading time by using Content Delivery Network (CDN).

You may be curious to discover the main benefits of W3 Total Cache:

  • It helps you improve the search engine ranking, especially for websites with responsive design and those using an SSL certificate.
  • At least 10X times improvements in overall site performance.
  • When fully configured, it helps you get higher Google Page Speed score and GTMetrix score.

Once installed you will see a “Performance” option in the dashboard menu.

Then you can start improving your website performance.

Here’s the best:

  • It’s free to use and it offers many options.
  • It works great if you are planning on using a CDN.
  • With so many configuration options, you can potentially raise your website capabilities to a great level.

19 WP Super Cache

It is the best and more simple alternative to W3 Total Cache.

WP Super Cache really makes your site faster and it’s one of the most popular WordPress cache plugins.

Here’s the best:

It generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog.

Your web server will serve those files to your visitors instead of the heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP.

Here are the Recommended Settings:

  • Simple Caching
  • Compress Pages
  • Don’t Cache pages for known users
  • Cache rebuild
  • CDN Support
  • Extra Homepage checks

The bottom line?

Unlike W3 Total Cache, setting up WP Super Cache is very easy also for non-techies.

20 WP Fastest Cache

Another fantastic plugin and a great alternative for W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache is WP Fastest Cache.

Similar to its two competitors plugins, also WP Fastest Cache generates static HTML based on your dynamic WordPress blog and saves it in the cache.

I suggest you take a backup of your website before enabling the various options of any cache plugin and then test with GTMetrix any speed gains.

Here’s the best:

Setup is very easy and you don’t need to modify any .htaccess file as it is modified automatically.

Important: note that these cache plugins may not be compatible with the other cache plugins of this list.

If you are using W3 Total Cache, you shouldn’t use WP Super Cache and Wp Fastest Cache and vice-versa.


21 Get Social

With 4.5 stars out of 5 Get Social is one of the best Social Share WordPress Plugins to increase your shares.

It helps you to:

  • Get more shares.
  • Increase conversions
  • Increase your traffic.

By increasing any of the above metrics you’ll tell the search engines that your website is worth being ranked in high positions on the SERP.

Want to know the best features?

  • It is used by more than 200,000 websites like Vodafone, Sky Media, Adobe, MTV and many more.
  • No coding skills are required.
  • Easy to install.
  • It doesn’t impact page loading speed.
  • Attracting share buttons design.

Once installed you’ll get a new “Get Social” option in your dashboard.

There you can customize your sharing buttons like in the picture below.

Here are the best features:

You have useful integrations available with Google Analytics and MailChimp.

Consider that within the plugin you can track 80% of the social sharing performance that Google Analytics doesn’t know about.

22 Click To Tweet

The official definition says it all “This WordPress plugin allows you to easily create tweetable content for your readers.”

With Click to Tweet, you can create “Tweetable content” anywhere in your post.

Here’s the best:

It becomes very simple for readers to share your content on Twitter.

The easier the better.

This plugin can really help you boost your Twitter marketing.


23 Redirection

Redirection plugin can definitely boost your SEO as it helps you to:

  • handle 301 redirections.
  • track all the 404 errors.
  • tidy any loose ends your website may have.

It counts 1+ million active installations and this is a great social proof of how valid it is.

This plugin can help you when you are migrating your website to a new one.

Once installed you can go to “Tools” in your dashboard and then click on “Redirection”.

There you can set any new redirection and manage the existing ones.


24 Widget Options

Is your sidebar the main part of your converting strategies?

Then Widget Options is the plugin for you.

Once installed and activated the plugin, you have a new “Widget Options” menu in “Settings“.

Here are the main features you can configure:

  • Show or hide widgets on specific pages.
  • Show or hide widgets on specific devices.
  • Custom widget alignment.

What’s next?

Now you can go to “Appearance” and click on “Widgets“.

If you click on any widget selected in the sidebar you’ll get a menu like this:


25 Elementor

With 21 + million downloads, Elementor is by far the most popular WordPress page builder plugin.

It’s easy to use and you can customize any WordPress page as you like.

Here’s the best:

With its drag and drop feature, building landing pages that convert has never been so easy.


26 WPForms Lite

The free version of WPForms allows you to create easily simple contact forms for your “Contact” page.

With the drag & drop interface, you can customize your contact forms with the data you want to collect.

Then you just need to copy the Embedded code on your pages.


27 WP Subscribe

Building your mailing list is probably the most important aspect of your business.

WP Subscribe helps you create beautiful contact forms and popups to collect more leads in seconds.

Here’s the best:

To get more conversions, create a useful lead magnet that users can download for free when they subscribe to your mailing list.


28 WP-Chatbot

Email Marketing is the core of any business and it can help you reach people at any stage of the sales funnel.

Chatbots are the future of Email Marketing.

In fact, users prefer more and more to contact businesses via chats rather than via email.

With WP-Chatbot by MobileMonkey, you can easily allow users to chat you or your team using Facebook Messenger.

Once installed, you just need to connect your Facebook Account and then customize your Chatbot.

It will appear pretty much like this:

Which are your best WordPress plugins?

Do you think I missed to mention some important plugins?

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